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Football League 2 Champions 2014


Nathan Smith is an experienced professional footballer and entrepreneur based in London, England.

A key component to his sporting career and businesses is health and wellness.




Nathan has always had a natural athletic flair, at the age of 10 he entered the register of grades as the holder of the Black Belt Sho Dan in Karate.

However his first love in sport was football. In school Nathan used to enjoy playing football and made some professional inroads as a teen, playing for non-league football teams such as Enfield FC, Waltham Forest and Potters Bar.


His football career began to blossom and at the age of 21 he signed his first professional football contract at League One team, Yeovil Town FC. After three fantastic years at Yeovil, Nathan was sought after by Chesterfield FC and signed to play for them in 2012 where he went on to win the St Johnstones Paint Trophy, earning the title of ‘Man Of The Match’, playing on the renowned turf of Wembley Stadium. His football career continued to go from strength to strength, it was during his first season at Chesterfield FC that Nathan was called up to play for Jamaica's national football team.


He took great pride in representing Jamaica and playing in their national squad. In 2012-2013 Nathan was named ‘Player of the Season’ for Chesterfield FC; the following season became a league title winner. After a successful run at Chesterfield, Yeovil Town were keen to sign Nathan again so he then returned to Yeovil Town FC, representing them for another four years. He even went on to become the highest appearance holder in the football league for Yeovil Town FC!

Nathan played for Yeovil for a total of seven years and during that time his opponents included Premier League teams Manchester United and Everton. Nathan man-marked the likes of Lukaku, Sanchez, Rashford, and other top football stars. 

Nathan’s great football performance earned him a spot in the worldwide famous football computer game ‘FIFA’ as the ‘Fastest Centre Back’ on ‘FIFA 17’ and ‘FIFA 18’.


After his time at Yeovil Town FC, Nathan then went on to play for Dagenham and Redbridge FC in 2018 this was the first team Nathan joined as a vegan footballer, having made the conscious choice to cut out all meat and dairy in 2016. He enjoyed playing for this team with his new found love for all things natural and plant based. Next he went on to play for Dulwich Hamlet in 2019. In 2020 Nathan had a short stint at Braintree FC but when the Covid-19 Pandemic hit the world in March 2020, football was stopped around the world and Nathan was without a team for about a year.


Nathan’s great reputation and track record earned him a spot at Enfield Town FC in 2021, where he still currently plays. Nathan is performing excellently with a great record in not conceding goals. 


Health and Wellness


In 2016 Nathan decided to embark on a different lifestyle journey and went Vegan. Since then he founded a health and wellness business in January 2021 called ‘Vegan Food 'n' Vibes’ , selling natural, organic products including his best selling drink ‘Blendy’,  as well as creating a movement raising the awareness of healthy meals combined with fun and togetherness. 


In 2016 the well travelled player decided to go on a journey of self discovery and voyaged to India to complete a 10 day Vipassana Silent retreat. This intense retreat involved over 15 hours of meditation each day. It involved conditions such as no speaking, no eye contact, no reading, no writing and no electronic devices. This retreat was life changing for Nathan. It heightened his self awareness and consciousness of the world which surrounds him.


In his new found consciousness and passion for health, Nathan decided to volunteer in a health food cafe in 2017 for two months during his end of season break. After this he then travelled to Ethiopia to discover more about the world and himself.


Following further travels to remote parts of the UK and Europe, it increased his understanding of the level of importance good mental health and physical health play in life which inspired Nathan to form a health and wellness business in 2022 called ‘One Vitality Journey’ which is a health program and retreat that people can subscribe to in order to cleanse and transform their lives.




Nathan Smith has always been very grateful for his professional football career as it opened his eyes to many different elements to life at a young age. He learned about discipline, diligence, determination and what it takes to make an impact. Combining his football experience along with his personal journey of self discovery which led him along a path of awareness to the benefits of good physical and mental health, he was inspired to start businesses which would help improve the lives of others.


In 2021, Nathan founded Vegan Food N Vibes where he sells natural, organic products, organises events and workshops both online and offline to promote a movement of health and wellness. The first product that Nathan created was his famous, uplifting drink called ‘Blendy’. Nathan has sold over 3000 bottles of this drink in less than 12 months! This delightful drink has helped people with fatigue, improve their health and it tastes lovely too! With no additives, it’s proven a treat with professional footballers, people who suffer from diabetes, kidney stones, lack of energy and other health ailments as well as children! Blendy is a natural health drink that anyone can drink! To buy a Blendy click here.

Nathan has also created a natural iron supplement called ‘I-Charge’ and a tooth powder called ‘Clean Clean’. Nathan also sells organic olive oil too. More products and events to come.


Since 2017, Nathan has regularly been visiting schools, youth clubs, prisons and attending events doing workshops and giving inspirational talks on the deep truths of balancing the physical and mental strain of professional football, as well as issues we face in our everyday lives.

When Nathan shares his experience and perspective he strips away the glamour attached to being a footballer, allowing people a rare insight and a better understanding of the reality of a professional footballer’s lifestyle. He highlights the importance of caring for your physical and mental health in harmony. He is an individual of integrity and a role model for aspiring athletes and young people.

He is a renowned and inspiring speaker who is excellent at engaging his audience. He is also trained in Mental Health First Aid and has completed his Mental Health Champion Certificate. He holds a clean DBS too. 

If you wish to book Nathan Smith to talk, present or attend your school, business or organisation please contact here

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